within the solar apex project, a hiphop crew by the name "die fraktion" was formed as early as 1994. lyrics are in german, a tradition for florian since he started it off back in 1992. die fraktion has been successful as live-entertainers at black-music parties and was 2nd runner-up at the nationwide newcomer contest held by the musician's magazine "solo". our presence at talentweb.de rendered us the title "pop act of the month" four times in a row as well as the placing as 1st runner-up in the overall charts of 1998 and the overall win in 1999. certainly our greatest success so far has been taking the win in the nationwide "mix-on-the-road" contest!
when performing live - as here in giessen - we usually have some instrumentalists as well as a very appealing choir with us. kay and florian like to show their lyrical side.
as an appetizer for more of us, we would recommend the track "konsum" which you will in issue 04/02 of KEYS-magazine.