musical experiments in a digital world

the project was founded as early as 1994. its first members and still the masterminds are kay liewald and florian grote. ever since the first day of the cooperation, the project was about computer-based songwriting. what began on an atari with few external synthesizers is now being maintained in the solar apex project studio in our hometown of goettingen, germany and florian's spin-off in lueneburg. our equipment list:

cubase vst 5 as production environment, waldorf microwave II, waldorf microwave xt, rhodes mark I eighty-eight, roland d-70, e-mu e5000 ultra, akai s2000, korg m1, korg dw-8000, korg ddd-1, yamaha fb-01, synthonics syndrum, wurlitzer studio organ, alesis quadraverb, lexicon alex, various studio peripherals, microphones, guitars, etc.

musically we have always been extremely open-minded and the stylistic definition of our productions mostly depends on our listeners -you, if you take the opportunity and download some of the free tracks featured on this website!

the best example of our work is the track "flightmare", which might as well be taken as a musical mission statement of the solar apex project!

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