florian a.k.a. anoki the storyteller

as one of the producers of the solarapex-team florian spends a lot of time at the studio workstation. it therefore is extremely important to him to also be able to present his music in live appearances as much as possible. when doing so, the type of the presentation merely depends on the respective environment, but always includes alectronic and acoustic live elements. florian started a new cooperation with musicians in lueneburg, resulting in the periodic event "electric lounge".

moreover, florian loves to work as a remixer for other artists, thus being able to lead their ideas into entirely new fields of music and subsequentially reaching a different crowd of listeners. the track "moving on" - featured on intermusic.com - is a remix of the renown club hit by the british artist james hardway. a chilled-out dub track completely converted into a body-movin' 2step hit at the hands of anoki the storyteller, featuring his own unique vocal performance.

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